Violence (entry)

Luiz Sergio Modesto


Violence. This entry gives continuity to the series of the author started with Civility at the Brazilian Journal of Constitutional Law. The series will expose the terminology of the contemporaneous applied research implying signs shared by several dialectal or scientific disciplines in the areas of the Human Sciences (Anthropology, Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science) and of the Applied Social Sciences (Administration, Information Science, Communication, Nomogogy of the species Latin lex, Anglo case law, Han [fa - model]), looking for phenomenologically quantify their objects or referents, if possible, probable or previsible of observation, experiment and verification.
Applying strict cognilogical cuts of the Theory of Cognition on the semioses (signic actions) of such entries, the author will superpose the semiotics-physics complex method (1) of the Semioselogy, including of the Physics phenomenology (Heisenberg, Bohr, Lao Tzy), of Signology (Peirce), and of the Progmatic Operational Instrument (Modesto), in (2) casual syntaxes with descriptive experimental models and sensu stricto scientific, to conclude by their trivial, dialectal or scientific instrumentality.
The present entry, describes the duplicity of experimental objects of the sign violence in the trivial knowledge contaminating the legist dialect in the dialectal knowledge by political injunction of the nomogogic order of the lex species, shared and reiterated by decision in the sententious mediation of conflicts.


accept; physical force; coactive order; politics; pre-civility; active volition; passive volition

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